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The Smiling Mind Podcast

Season 1, Episode 1 · 2 years ago

Introducing Thrive Inside


Hi adding wouldn't here. I'm the CEO of smiling mind, Australia's number one mindfulness APP. As a not for profit, our vision is to help every mind thrive, providing freely accessible, evidence based tools to support good mental health. I'm a clinical psychologist, so I have seen firsthand the benefits that mindfulness can provide and before I joined smiling mind, I recommended that to many of my patients. For many years, five million of you have downloaded our APP, using daily guided meditations to get a little more balance and calm into your lives. And then coronavirus happened and pull the rug right out from underneath us. This April smiling mine had the most downloads we've ever had in a month, with a hundred and eighty one thousand people looking to find that sense of calm. And then a global pandemic. So in response to this need, we launched thrive inside, a tailored program across smiling minds website, APP and... media channels to support people through life spent predominantly indoors and facing uncertainty. We also made a podcast right here. Every Thursday for the next six weeks I'll be talking to mental health experts about how you can boost your wellbeing, and I'll check in with wellknown Azzi is about how they're coping with this time of uncertainty. We're going to cover things like working from home, parenting, maintaining relationships, sleep and physical health, with practical tips you can incorporate into your everyday life. So subscribe here for weekly episodes and tell a friend who might be in need of some insights, connection and a whole lot of interesting conversation. Oh, and one more thing. We'd love to hear from you. If you have advice on staying mentally healthy through the challenges of coronavirus, or if you want to share your experience through this, call us one eight hundred nine five, five seven hundred and leave a message.

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